There’s a goat somewhere close and the noise is ruining the peace

New Zealanders, do your duty and count birds: Tūī: one.

This is an exert from a piece by columnist Virginia Fallon in The Post.

OPINION: Sparrow; sparrow; seagull; sparrow; pigeon; sparrow: being a citizen scientist is boring.

For 20 minutes now, sparrow, I’ve been standing in the mud and doing my duty as a New Zealander by counting birds. Sparrow.

It’s cold out here, seagull, and depressingly damp. The forecast said it was going to rain, but it feels like it already is, just sort of coming up through the ground instead of down onto it. Sparrow; pigeon.

On the washing line the clothes are as wet, sparrow, as they were when I hung them out four hours ago. Sparrow. Nothing dries these days when GOAT?

The neighbours have a goat. Either that or they something that sounds like a goat, and the only thing that sounds like a goat is either Nobby Clark or an actual, real, goat.

But peering through a knothole I can see neither the mayor of Invercargill nor a capra hirus, though I can definitely hear him/it. One of them is certainly close by, at least.

The reason I’m outside counting birds is A: the house is both really messy and where my laptop is, and B: I’m taking part in the NZ Garden Bird Survey.

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