What’s going on with the birds in your garden?

Silvereye. Photo: Rob Osbourne.
Silvereye. Photo: Rob Osbourne.

SunLive: Do you know how many birds visit our back gardens?

The State of New Zealand Garden Birds|TeāhuaongāmanuotekāriiAotearoa 2022, a report released by Manaaki Whenua-LandcareResearch, shows the latest results from New Zealand’s longest-running citizen science project – the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey.

The annual survey, which began 16 years ago, is held every year in the last week of June.

Data from the survey helps scientists understand the health of garden bird populations and the wider environment. It does this by showing how bird counts are changing across New Zealand using two timeframes – over the past five years and the past 10 years.

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